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A wedding bride getting her dress buttoned up by her beloved mother on her wedding day.
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How did you get started filming weddings and is it your main business? How long have you been in the weddings industry?

When I was a little kid, my father always had a camcorder around where he filmed all the family events and celebrations. After watching the videos through the small flip screen I fell in love with the art of filmmaking. I started to record random things ever since I was 9 years old. In high school and in my college career, I did not just study academics (Biology) but I also joined all the programs studying cinema. My mentors and colleagues were the ones who recognized that I had an eye for cinematography. I have been doing cinematography for 10 years. I have been doing professional projects for 8 years. I have been doing weddings for 5 years. I have filmed over 100 weddings by myself, with friends and multiple companies I used to work for. I have covered American, Vietnamese, Laotian, Indian, Pakistani, Hispanic, Nigerian and LGBT Weddings. I have also done the following ceremonies; Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Greek Orthodox and non-denominational. 

How many videographers will be filming at my wedding?

Every package comes with 1 videographer. Additional videographers can be booked for $500/cameraman/day. My company and I highly recommend having two videographers. This makes the wedding day easier to coordinate and best of all we don't miss a moment of your big day. I (Mo) will always the videographer unless a medical emergency arises in which arrangements for my placement will be made and the couple with me notified.

Have you ever worked with my photographer before?

I have worked with tons of different photographers throughout the metroplex. We ask that you provide us with your photographer's contact information so we can reach out to them and coordinate our shooting for the day. We like to do this so the photographers can get their images and we can get our footage for your beautiful film.

How would you describe your production style (documentary, cinematic, vintage)? Is your shooting approach direct or more journalistic?

Our tagline is; "We don't just document your wedding; we make a beautiful film of it." We are passionate cinematographers and we love crafting each element in our film based on the beautiful couple.  We take the vision of the couple, we bring the creativity from our experience and we let the beautiful day unfold behind our eyes through the camera. 

What parts of the wedding day do you film?

We like to start filming from the bride prep all the way till the exit of the couple at the end of the night. Filming the interactions before the bride gets ready within the bridal party brings a great environmental elemental at the beginning of our videos. It also helps us connect with everyone so we can all come together in putting together a beautiful film. 

What kind of camera equipment do you use? How do you capture audio throughout the wedding day?

My team and I have Canon gear. We have all been using Canon for years and it brings us a beautiful palette of colors that is really essential to our videos. We capture the audio by connecting our recording devices to the DJ's soundboard. It is very important for us to get the contact information of the DJ so we can reach out and confirm that we will be able to work together in capturing the audio. We highly recommend that the couples find DJs that have the capability of giving their videographers an audio output. 

How do you handle music for the wedding film?

We like to make sure that the music for our wedding videos is always licenses. We send the couples a list of our stock music websites where they can listen and choose the music that best fits their love story. These instrumental or vocal tracks make each wedding film unique and personal.

What types of packages do you offer?

We offer three different packages. The packages start at $2000. Each package grows by videographers, time and editorial work. We are in the midst of adding a feature to our highlight reel. Clients can order a music video highlight with one song roughly 3-5 minutes or they can have a longer highlight reel with instrumental tracks & vows that is roughly 6-8 minutes. Highlight reel packages are the ones most in demand. 

What is included in the full feature length? 

In the full feature package, we edit the ceremony to it's entirety. We also include the first dances and toasts from the reception.

How is footage recorded? How do you deliver the final product? Can I see a finished sample?

Our footage is all recorded in our digital Canon cameras. The final product is delivered digitally. You can see a sample of work here

When can I expect to see my wedding video?

The delivery of the final video is contingent upon the requested services and the length of the wedding. Each package is different and will be handled accordingly. Our delivery time ranges from 1 - 3 months per day of filming. 

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