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Do I Need a Wedding Videographer? Is it Necessary?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Bride looking out the window after her prep.

The simples answer is yes, you definitely need a wedding videographer (and in my opinion, it is necessary) or you will regret it like the 90% of married couples who did not hire one. According to post wedding surveys taken by Wedding Wire and the Knot (one company as of last year), it is not only a regret but one of biggest regrets. Wedding day flies by so fast that couple do not get to experience everything they paid for. Couples wish they can go back and change that. My rule is when you are booking vendors, the list should be as followed- venue, caterer, DJ, photography and videography. These are the top must have vendors for a wedding. If you are just starting out wedding planning then you should check out our intro to weddings.

When you are already spending you whole bank savings on the wedding then you definitely want to relive each and every moment of your special day. You wedding day does not have that many hours and there is so much going on behind and front of the scenes. You will not be able to be everywhere for it. You should invest in a wedding videographer to get a bigger perspective and one of the best memories to cherish in your life.

  • A beautiful film will capture the intimate vows of you ceremony. Brides want to sit down and hear how they presented themselves on the day that flew by so fast.

  • You will be able to re-watch the first look with your mother and father. Almost every first look we have filmed with the fathers, they have always cried seeing their beautiful daughter in a wedding dress.

  • You will be able to see you grandparents or person of importance be escorted down the aisle by the groomsmen. The biggest regret from married couples is not being able to capture the movement of grandparents on the wedding day.

  • The flower girl and the ring bearer who are usually your sibling's children or your best friend's kids will slowly make their way up to the front as the guests fall in love with them.

  • I have also witnessed many couples bring their dogs on leash down the aisle. I remember a cute shih tzu from my friend Emily's wedding.

  • It will have a shot of the bride walking down with their father.

  • The reaction of the groom, sometimes in tears, will all be captured on video.

  • Family members who have readings during the ceremony will be all recorded on camera.

  • The finale in the ceremony is something every couple wants to see- the last words of the officiant, the momentum to the kiss and the cheering of the crowd as the husband and wife walk out the aisle.

  • During the reception, a video will capture the entrances and all the formal dances that follow. I have seen brides dance with their mothers and their grandparents. Everyone cried. There have also been instances when the groom surprised the bride with dances he choreographed with his groomsmen.

  • One of the important things a wedding videographer captures are the toasts given by the best man and the maid of honor. Parents may also say some last words. The groom can stand up and tell everyone how he met his wife, how much he loves her and how grateful he is to have her in his life.

Unlike the wedding day where everyone is formal and filled with responsibilities, the rehearsal dinner is a bit more relaxed. On this night before the wedding, many close friends and relatives give speeches to the couple. I highly recommend hiring a videographer for these special two hours because you would want to capture these truly, remarkable moments that will make your heart pump. These intimate settings makes it easier for your bridal party to speak everything they want from their heart. They will not be nervous because they are not standing in front of tons of wedding guests.

How often are you going to sit down and watch your wedding video?

- Quite often. We have the luxury of having smartphones right on our fingertips. We are surrounded by technology everywhere from home to work. if you can sit down to binge watch a show on Netflix, well, you may reminisce and want to share your wedding video with friends family and even co-workers. Nowadays, you can visit your wedding videographer's Facebook Page, YouTube or Vimeo to see you film online, anytime.

One of the main reasons that couples do not hire a wedding videographer is because they have a huge misconception about them. They think a cameraman will bring a large camera on shoulder with bright lights, and cables running open on the ground. Wrong!

  1. The days of hefty camera set-ups are over.

  2. I have only heard of big weddings where the brides wants to hire a big production to showcase their guests a fancy wedding they are celebrating.

  3. Experienced wedding videographers nowadays, in 2018, should have a comfortable and a small camera- setup to achieve the best shots they need for their video.

  4. When one thinks of video with this kind of set-up, they are thinking more of a documentary style. Every videographer has a different style. There is a difference between a video and a film. This all depends on the type of cinematography one crafts. Every couple should research the style they favor. If you can tell how great pictures are from a well-known photographer then you should be able to distinguish the levels of cinematography. Some of my favorite cinematographers are Emmanuel Lubezki, Roger Deakins, Freddie Young, Sven Nykvist, Zhao Xiaoding and Christopher Doyle.

The other reason I come across every time when couples are planning is that they if they have a photographer then they have everything. In their mind, photography is superior to videography. Photography and videography are two different mediums and one CANNOT offer what the other can. One does not trump the other.

  • Does a photo of you wife saying her vows capture the emotions and words she said to you standing in front of everyone you both love?

  • Does a photo capture the speech your mother gives during the reception with pauses and tears?

  • Do the photos capture the private moments you have with your father, mother, bridal party, or soon-to be you husband?

  • Do the photos capture the private conversations you have with your grandparents whom you never see and do not know how long they will be with us?


"You can't hang a film on your wall, but you can't hear the words in a photograph. - Rob"


Words from married couples:

"As a bride, it's my 1 biggest regret. People leave earth & though photos are wonderful, I would have found room in my budget if I had known how soon I would wish to footage of my grandpa adjusting my husband's tie or walking my grandmothers down the aisle. I am thankful to have the still shots, but I wish I had video."

Cinema is a powerful field and it can give you something emotional for a lifetime. The rise of video are emerging across the social media platforms. Hearing audio of your loved ones and watching them in a motion film are one of the best experiences and memories you can have. I mean, do you even watch movies and sometimes, cry?

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