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5 Reasons Why You Overlooked A Wedding Videographer

Updated: May 17, 2022

1) It is expensive.

Wedding videographers are not expensive, and the price may tempt you to argue that it's a luxury item. Sure! You could hire your cousin to shoot the wedding on their flip phone camera. But the value of having a professionally-produced video will increase over time—even if you don't watch it again until your 30th anniversary!

And while wedding videography may seem like an extravagance at first, it is one of the biggest regrets by the couples pretty much the following day. A videographer is capturing 24 to 30 pictures per second. They are constantly recording during your event. They have to maintain and bring equipment to your wedding. They have to contact the DJ to set up the best audio quality for the film. Depending on the wedding, they have to set up mics for the couple, officiants, speakers during toasts, and other members. Videos are today's go-to medium. A film is a powerful piece of motion and sound. If you have not added a wedding video as one of your top 3-5 vendors, please, stop now, and watch wedding films on social media for a week or month.

Please continue reading the following or contact us for any questions relating to a wedding film.

2) You have never seen a wedding film you loved.

You've never seen a wedding film you loved.

This is a pretty common reason why people overlook videographers in the first place, and it's also one of the most relatable reasons. You've been to weddings where films are shown (Love Story or Same Day Edit), but none of them have ever really stood out to you. Maybe you thought some were good, but nothing felt like an exact fit for your vision. And that's because every wedding is different! Your story is unique, and your wedding video needs to be that.

The best way to find someone who understands what you want from your wedding videos (and who will give it to you) is by going through their portfolio and watching samples of their work—in other words: seeing examples of work they've done at weddings similar to yours. They may not be exactly like yours since each couple has different personalities, budgets, and settings (and because there are no two people who experience love precisely alike). But looking at how they did things, in general, will tell you if they're suitable for what you want before committing any money or time to work with them. It will give you insight into whether they'll listen closely enough when discussing concepts with their clients so everything goes smoothly on the day itself.

3) You are worried it will be awkward, and you will have to pose for the camera awkwardly.

Your wedding day is not about you, which makes it so special. As a couple, you've invited your closest friends and family members to witness one of life's most precious moments with you. You're worried it will be awkward, and you'll have to pose for the camera awkwardly. A professional wedding videographer will know how to capture the day naturally without drawing attention away from those beautiful moments that make up this once-in-a-lifetime celebration! Your guests will focus on celebrating your love with their friends, family members, and partners—not watching how close or far apart you are.

4) You are worried your friends and families will not know how to act either and that they will feel uncomfortable because they are on film.

If you're worried that your friends and family will be uncomfortable with the idea of being filmed, don't be! Your wedding videographer has experience with this scenario. They'll use techniques to make sure everyone feels natural and relaxed in front of the camera, whether they're delivering a toast or taking part in a dance routine.

Rather than have your guests feel like they're on display, most wedding videographers will blend in with the crowd as much as possible and use hidden cameras or discreet angles to capture people's actions without making them feel like someone is watching them. In addition, many professional videographers and photographers with experience will work together to make sure they can capture what they need. One of your questions to the photographer needs to be what it is like to work with videographers. This is a major red flag if photographers are not enthusiastic about their response or have a clause in their contract about having other vendors not be in their way.

5) You have a short engagement and do not have time.

You need a quality and professional video. You need a video whose style you will appreciate forever. You should also ensure that the videographer has a good reputation for providing timely services and following their promises. However, understand that some videographers have more extended time frames of delivery, especially during their busy wedding season. If you think that a videographer is too expensive and does not fit into your budget, speak to your financial advisor or wedding planner about making room and prioritizing wedding videographers on your vendor list.

You may want to consider hiring an individual rather than a company. An individual could cost less but still provide quality service.

Having a wedding video is one of the best ways to relive your wedding day.

Having a wedding video is one of the best ways to relive your wedding day.

A wedding video will give you a chance to remember all the important details you may have missed on the day itself, and it's also a great way to see how you felt on that special day.

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