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The Top 3 Wedding Vendors You Need Now During The Pandemic (COVID-19)

It has been a hard year for many of us as we continue to make changes to our daily lives. One of the things many couples had to sit down and review was their upcoming wedding date this year. The wedding industry has been on top of providing the best solutions to any individual's needs and we wanted to bring forth all those together for you.

Micro weddings are the new trend. We can thank COVID-19 for that. There are many benefits to this type of wedding day. Also, it lessens the headaches that come with 200 + wedding guests. Being part of many multi-cultural, multi-day weddings, I see these new adjustments in the traditional one-day weddings being similar to those marriages. In many ways, we tell our brides that your wedding celebration has been extended and you get to enjoy it for more than just one day.

What involves a multi-day wedding celebration? Well, be sure to attend a South Asian wedding or check out our films on our website to get a taste.

Back to the topic of the top 3 vendors. These vendors we will discuss here shortly are super important now than ever before. Most wedding networks and wedding media publication companies are still behind in educating their couples on these vendors. From afar, the focus is high on luxury items but in reality, we always strive to find and work for what is important to the couple in the end. In short, those are memories.

1) Wedding Videographer-

This brings us to our first vendor. About 77% of the newlyweds regret not having a film of their wedding, literally the day after they get married. You may think about why the next day? Well, tears and surprises.

Unexpected beautiful things that occurred at the wedding that added to the beautiful day are nowhere captured in motion. This could be a moving speech by the grandparents, best friends, children, guests, or a surprising act. This could also be tears rolling down the faces of your mother, father, groom, bride, son, daughter, or someone who has come from thousands of miles away (now, they can only come through Zoom).

How is this important now during the pandemic?

1) Not everyone will be at your micro wedding

2) Your ceremony is almost like an elopement between you and your partner

3) You are going to have the most intimate moments with your family

4) Your grandparents cannot travel due to health and safety reasons

5) Your friends from abroad cannot fly into the country

6) Your film will be captured by professional cinematographers

7) Your film, when delivered, can easily be shared on social media for everyone

8) You get to have you Day 1/2 captured for a film that will grow on Day 2 in 2021.

Investing in a creative and reputable wedding videographer is important for your wedding. Remember, videographers are recording footage that is longer than one second. They have to be focused for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours if you have a religious ceremony. The pricing of a film package reflects a videographer's time on the day of the wedding, and the dozens of hours spent in post=production. A good videographer can cost anywhere between $2500 to $7500 and up. See the breakdown of our expenses of what makes wedding videographer packages for more information.

2) Livestream

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. We did a wedding in July where we had about 400 guests show up online for a wedding that was being livestreamed. The wedding took place in the bride's house. There was the bride's family on one side of the living room and the groom's family on the other side of the living room.

A wedding videography company can offer a livestream service. An independent and separate company can offer livestream services only. Some wedding videographer companies may not offer livestream services. It all depends on the company.

A professional livestream company will be able to send out a feed within its software (like OBS) to Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom. You should be aware that each platform has its guidelines. On YouTube, you cannot stream copyrighted music.

A livestream has a different style of footage. They are there to document your events throughout the day. They are more than likely to utilize tripods. A wedding videography company is there (based on their style) to make a creative and cinematic film of your entire wedding. If you are hiring the same company for livestream and wedding videography, you will need more than two people from the same company to handle the services. A videographer handling the film and livestream at the same time can cause quality issues. Be sure to vet both of these vendors thoroughly.

3) Photographer

The last thing that we are going to emphasize is that you will need a wedding photographer. The micro wedding will allow the photographer to have plenty of time to capture beautiful portraits of the couple more intimately. Be sure to split the time fairly with the photographer and videographer as both need moments from the couple for two different mediums.

It should also be mentioned that the photographer you hire should be professional enough who has experience working with other vendors like the videographer.


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