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Funny Speech Ideas for Wedding Toasts

Groomsman fixing the tie of the groom standing by the window while the other six groomsmen watch while fixing their own attire.
Groomsmen getting ready

Best Man speech ideas

Here are some ideas for your speech:

  • Introduce yourself. Start with a brief history of the bride and groom, including where they met and how long you've known them. It is a great way to start an introduction because it makes it easy for people who don't know each other to feel connected quickly! It also helps the audience get excited about hearing more stories about the bride and groom's life together.

  • Tell a funny story about either one or both of them (or all three). You can tell stories that happened when you were younger or something recent! It does not matter when it happened so long as they're funny enough to make everyone laugh during this special time in their lives together!

  • Talk about their personalities; why do people like being around these two so much? What makes them unique from other couples? If anything specific about their relationship has made it last so long despite challenges along the way, then mention those things too!

  • Talk about the values these two have shared throughout their lives, such as honesty/openness/compassionate kindness, etcetera.

Maid of honor giving the bride a side hug while they laugh in enjoyment
Maid of honor hugs the bride

Maid/Matron of Honor speech ideas

Maid of Honor Speech Ideas

A maid of honor is a bridesmaid who helps the bride plan the wedding. She is in charge of specific tasks, including coordinating the wedding party and helping to plan other events leading up to the big day. The maid of honor may also be responsible for giving a speech at the reception, which means she needs some great ideas to make her speech unique and memorable. Here are some things you can talk about if you are giving a speech:

  • Talk about your friendship with the bride-to-be. How long have you known each other? What was it like when she first introduced herself? If there's anything funny that happened during one of your hangouts together, this would be the time to share it!

  • Tell everyone why they should love the bride just as much as they do (if not more). This is an opportunity for you and everyone who's gathered to hear more about their friend's personality, so take advantage and get creative!

Bridal party of six toasts with the bride with their champagne glasses and their wedding robes on the bed for the photographer.
Bridal Party Toasts

Bridesmaid speech ideas

  • Be funny.

  • Be sincere.

  • Be brief.

  • Be heartfelt.

  • Be original and unique, but not over the top with it! A good idea is to tell a story about how you met each other or your first date (if it was at a wedding). Make sure that all in attendance have heard that story before – they will appreciate being reminded of it!

  • Try to keep your speech under 5 minutes in length; if it goes beyond that, then there's no way you can say everything you want to say without losing people's attention span or making them feel uncomfortable with the length of time you are talking for (especially if they are sitting at a table with other guests who aren't paying attention).

Four groomsmen in their suits sitting down and having laugh in a patio
Groomsmen hanging out

Groomsman speech ideas

For the groom's speech:

  • Be funny but respectful. A wedding toast is an opportunity to have a good time and roast your best man simultaneously. However, it's essential to stay within bounds so that you don't offend anyone or make them uncomfortable. Make sure there are no sensitive topics before proceeding with your speech. If you're unsure whether something will be appropriate, ask someone who knows the couple well to give their opinion on whether it's okay to say what you want during his toast (for example: "What if I tell everyone how much my friend [the groom] spent on his wedding?").

  • Be brief - don't drag out your speech! You'll want to make sure that all of the important points get covered in a short period. You want to keep everything short and sweet but include just enough detail for people listening, not just about how long ago or far away something happened but why this story matters now, i.e., what happened then vs. now? Also, be prepared by practicing beforehand with family members or friends who can give constructive feedback. When they hear it live at the wedding reception instead of reading from notes (which defeats the purpose), all eyes will focus on YOU!

A portraite of a usher in the wedding smiling for the camera in his suit and flower on his jacket.
Portrait of Usher

Usher speech ideas

If giving a speech is your task as an usher, here are some funny speech ideas to get you started.

  • Introduce the couple by telling a funny story or joke about them.

  • Talk about the couple's relationship and how the couple met.

  • Discuss the couple's wedding plans and what they've done so far towards making them happen (e.g., "They picked out their new house last week," or "They're supposed to start planning their honeymoon next month").

  • Tell your audience why you like being at this wedding party ("I'm excited because...").

  • Share what makes this bride and groom special to everyone in attendance ("[Bride], I've known [Groom] for years, but now that he has someone he cares about, I understand why he hasn't been around lately.").

Bride smiles at the flower girl as two boys, one being a ring bearer, stand in the back for a group photo
Bride and the children

Flower girl/boy speech ideas

  • Talk about how much you love your parents.

  • Talk about how much you love your parent's new partner.

  • Talk about how much you love the bride and groom.

  • Talk about how much you love the wedding.

  • Talk about how much you love the setting: "There is something special about this place."

You know your family and friends better than we do, so please feel free to personalize these suggestions.

You know your family and friends better than we do, so please feel free to personalize these suggestions.

In addition to the traditional toast, you may want to consider other types of speeches. For example, after dinner, you could ask your guests if they have any questions for the bride and groom. Or perhaps you'd like to give a short speech about how much fun it was seeing everyone come together for this wedding.

You might also consider doing an impersonation or sketch from an old TV show that resonates with both of them (e.g., "Seinfeld," "Friends"). Or perhaps tell a childhood story about one of their first dates at a specific restaurant or movie theater that's still around today (e.g., Citywalk).

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